About us

About us

Sachwap is a free technology-based blog for everyone. The owner and Author of Sachwap is Aslam Khan. He is from Punjab, Pakistan. We provide quality articles in Urdu for Pakistani Users.

Sachwap is one of the best Urdu blogs for Pakistani users. All technology and packages articles in Urdu. It is easy to read and understand. We are trying to provide articles in Urdu for Pakistani Users.

Our goal is to play a significant role in this era of mobile technology and those who operate this business because the development of the mobile technology ecosystem is critical to Pakistan’s progress. Furthermore, mobile technology has the ability to connect people for the country’s collective and socioeconomic development. We’re happy to be able to contribute through the blog.

About Author

My name is Aslam Khan and I’m from Punjab, Pakistan. I’m the owner and the author of SachWap.Com. I love to write and share my articles through my blog. It’s my hobby and my passion. I write articles on different topics in Urdu for Pakistani people. Because Pakistan’s language is Urdu. So, I decided to start a blog in Urdu for Pakistani users. This blog is all about Urdu content and articles.

Future Goals

My basic goal was to start an Urdu blog. Where I’ll publish only Urdu articles and posts related to technology and education. As we know Pakistan’s basic national language is Urdu. That’s why this blog is all bout Urdu language articles. This blog is only for those people who can read and understand the Urdu language.

Let’s talk about this blog’s future goals. Soon I’ll cover up new categories of articles and write them in Urdu. More categories article means; tutorial articles, health and many more. In the future, this blog will be the top-listed Urdu blog in Pakistan. I’m working hard to provide quality content for you. I’ll keep doing that. For support share our articles with your friends and family. Thanks